Divorce Recovery

by Jean Landphair, LMFT

No one comes to their wedding expecting one day to be talking to a divorce lawyer. Yet sometimes that happens. Divorce causes huge losses on many levels. Not only does it mean the loss of an important relationship, but often a financial loss, the loss of your social circle, the loss of a home as you have known it, and a loss of your hopes and dreams for a future together. As with losing a loved one, losing a marriage causes emotional grief for many people. Divorce counseling can be helpful in facilitating a healthy adjustment process during this time of upheaval.

If you find yourself struggling to cope with a divorce, let me help. I am trained to help you know what to expect and help you navigate the psychological tasks you need to accomplish to make a healthy adjustment. I can also help you minimize the impact on your children. Finally, I can support you in your adjustment process by giving you a safe place to process your emotions and help you make sense out of this difficult season of your life.

The first step to recovery is making the call. Let me help by calling 615-861-9122.