Individual Counseling

by Jean Landphair, LMFT

Do you ever feel so overcome by emotion that you can’t think straight? You are not alone in this experience. When humans perceive a threat, the emotional brain gets activated first. The logical brain is a little slower to kick in. So if our emotional reaction is so intense that it floods our brain, the rational part never gets a chance to engage.

That’s why I use emotionally focused therapy to help clients get in touch with their emotions and process them in healthy ways to calm them down. Then they can better choose the reaction they want.

Our emotions impact us in huge ways. We can’t control them unless we are in touch with them. If you find yourself often feeling out of control, there is hope for you. I offer counseling for divorce recovery, depression, anxiety, grief, women’s issues, teen issues, and relationship distress.

I would be privileged to walk with you through your pain. Let me help by calling 615-861-9122.

The following article may help if you are still not sure if the timing is right: How To Know When to Seek Counseling.