Marriage Counseling

by Jean Landphair, LMFT

Do you feel alone in your marriage? Are you tired of experiencing so much pain in a relationship you had hoped would give you love and joy? Do you wonder what happened to your dreams of a lifelong, happy marriage? Are you and your spouse ready to make some changes to improve your lives together?

Then marriage counseling might be beneficial to you. In my practice of emotionally focused therapy for couples, I help clients recognize the negative patterns they get stuck in during conflicts. We also get in touch with the deep emotional wounds that keep them stuck there. Healing those emotions is key to change. Once that emotional rawness has calmed down, clients are able to be more rational and replace the hurtful negative cycle with a more positive and constructive way of interacting.

My role in this process is to be a coach and collaborator with my clients. I try hard to respect the perspectives of both parties and understand where they are coming from, helping them both to feel safe in sessions. My experience has been that both parties usually contribute to the relationship problems, and both parties are the solution. I am not looking for which party to blame!

If I have a couple who are both strongly invested in their marriage and both willing to look at themselves and make changes to themselves, then I have a lot of hope for this marriage. Emotionally focused therapy has a wealth of research behind it, attesting to its effectiveness. I have experienced its life-changing potential and invite you to open yourself to the possibility of change!

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