by Jean Landphair, LMFT

If you find yourself in any of these situations, give me a call.  If I don’t feel qualified to help you with your particular issue, I will help you find someone who is.  You don’t have to suffer alone.  Let me help.

Marriage Counseling

Do you feel alone in your marriage? Are you tired of experiencing so much pain in a relationship you had hoped would give you love and joy? Are you and your spouse ready to make some changes to improve your lives together? Then marriage counseling could be beneficial for you.

Give me a call at 615-861-9122 if you want to discuss the possibility of starting on a journey of healing for your marriage.

Parent Coaching

No one has a family expecting to feel frustrated and overwhelmed, seeing their kids being out-of-control.  My husband and I have raised two awesome children and now are delighting in grandchildren.  But our journey hasn’t been without its disappointments and challenges.  I know it can be hard trying to raise great kids (and we all want great kids).  Children of all ages long for a close connection with their parents, but many things can get in the way of that need being met.  In parent coaching, I can provide information on the style of parenting that research shows results in the best outcomes for children, as well as bringing my own experience to the discussion.  The goal is children with a sense of secure attachment to their parents, resulting in their confidence and well-being.

Divorce Recovery

No one comes to their wedding expecting one day to be talking to a divorce lawyer. Yet sometimes that happens. Though I am not divorced myself, I am not untouched by its pain.  I have gone through it with many people who are dear to me.  I am also trained to help clients know what to expect, to navigate the painful post-divorce season, and to begin to heal from that great loss.

Premarital Counseling

If you have individual issues that you would like help with prior to your marriage, I would be happy to work with you on an individual basis. Healing old issues can go a long ways towards being able to build a new and healthy marriage relationship.

I am not seeing new couples for premarital counseling at this time. If that is what you need, I recommend either of the following therapists:

Lauren Johnson, 615-390-3713

Aron Strong, 615-861-9122

Individual Counseling

When we have physical pain, we go to our doctor and do whatever we can to find out what is wrong and get healing.  Not so much when we have emotional pain, however.  Our culture gives us the message that we shouldn’t have emotional pain, and so we often ignore it.  A recent country song expresses it well.  The girl in the song has just broken up with her boyfriend, and her mama tells her, “Go fix your make-up, girl; it’s just a break-up, girl.”  The mom further instructs her daughter that “it don’t matter how you feel, it just matters how you look.”  So the broken-hearted young lady tells herself she has to “get a grip and bite my lip just to save a little face.”

That’s not such a great strategy, though.  Science tells us that stuffed emotions can contribute to physical pain in the form of such ailments as migraines, ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome.  Some doctors suspect that unresolved negative emotions can even play a role in developing arthritis and cancer.

But there is no need to suffer with emotional pain.  I do individual counseling, especially with relationship-related issues.  In sessions with individual clients, together we look for the deep wounds of the heart.  I use emotionally focused therapy to help clients have a different emotional experience to replace the pain.

I would be privileged to walk with you through your pain. Let me help by calling 615-861-9122 for a free phone consultation.