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When Christmas Isn’t Very Merry

Christmas is supposed to be a time of magic, celebration, and joy. But for some people, it is a time of sadness and feeling aloneRead More

Unraveling the Mysteries of Love

Love doesn't have to be a mystery. Recent research can help us make better choices and have a more positive outcome with that elusive and wondrous experience called "love."Read More

Life After Children

The Empty Nest Syndrome can have a negative impact on a couple's marriage. But there are ways to avoid this and strategies to revitalize a marriage if a couple is already in that place.Read More

How to Know When to Seek Counseling

Struggle is part of living. So how can you know when a struggle becomes too big for you to handle alone? How do you know when to get professional help in the form of counseling?Read More

The Importance of the Parent/Child Bond

Children are born with a longing for a secure attachment – that is, a close emotional connection with at least one other person they believe they can count on. Using sophisticated brain imaging techniques, researchers have recently discovered that human brains are hard-wired with this longing. Because babies are totally dependent on their caregivers (usually one or both parents) for all their physical needs, this bond is necessary for their very survival.Read More

Top Risk Factors for Divorce

Divorce is painful. No one likes it. Yet it happens as often as not. Many singles avoid marriage because of the potential it carries for a painful end. But singles who want a life-long marriage can prevent divorce before they even get to the alter. One strategy is to be aware of the characteristics that put a couple at higher risk for divorce, and make their choices accordingly.Read More